Why Nonconformity Rocks

Because following the crowd isn’t as fun.

Because following guidelines doesn’t always get you noticed.

Because letting your passion and personality ride you through gets people talking.

Because change is a good thing and it challenges people and their thinking.

Because being yourself will always be far better than trying to be someone else.

And because not conforming gives you great memories like this:

I found this video yesterday (thanks to @KatiRyan) when it was only at a few thousand views and it’s now blown up past 1mm (update: a day later and it’s now close to 5mm – wow). I’ve admittedly added to a few dozen of those views, but there’s something to it (minus the overall awesomeness of what this couple orchestrated at their wedding) that gets me excited and pumped about what is possible.

How can you step outside of the box today and challenge the world of conformity?

Enjoy your Friday!

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  • This is fantastic Sonny, the video, the post, everything. I think we challenge the world of conformity every time we put ourselves out there and speak our minds a blog, for one. I really got personal in a post yesterday, for example, and I think it wigged some coworkers out a little bit who tend to be more reserved. But I’ve never been one to color inside the lines, and life and work are much more fun that way IMHO. One other thing I always try to a hard look at is my presentations and what I can do there to make them less conventional and more inspiring. Thanks for the great post – it will inspire me to look for new and creative ways to push the envelope.

  • I’m going to be a nonconformist by saying I’d like this video a whole lot more if the song wasn’t by Chris Brown. Given recent events, I’m quite certain that he’s NOT the artist whose music I’d choose to blare while taking my first steps/boogies toward wedded bliss …

    That aside, I like the video and, as you’ve pointed out, what it illustrates about conformity (or lack thereof).

    As always, great thoughts from you, Sonny!

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself. The novelty behind this video is what makes it so special. They took a new school approach to something old school, and it became a hit!

    Sometimes, stepping outside of the box is scary. For example, my grandmother might have a heart attack at my wedding if I pulled a stunt like this. But the beautiful thing about this video is they made it their own, and they owned every second of it!

    Great thoughts πŸ™‚


  • @Sue – I think having that personal touch is fantastic and is what makes you an individual. You’re remembered for being Sue, not for being that one lady who did something with this company. Tell your story the way you want to!

    @Lindsay – I see your discomfort with them choosing that song. Though his actions aren’t something I’d condone, I still listen to some of his songs and especially this one – as it does have a lot of meaning and somewhat fitting for a couple’s day. But to each their own!

    @Kati – that’s another good thought: Taking a new school approach to something old school. Whether we’re talking about business and how social media is helping shift the approach of old school strategies, or a couples’ big day, new approaches can help yield amazing results.

    Thanks again for sharing that video with me πŸ™‚

  • Sonny:

    Amazing how quickly that vid spread, huh? I’ve watched it 3x already, shared with my wife, IM’d to many, posted (& RT’d) via twitter, etc. Imagine the reach of this is someone finds a way to leverage the power of email to help it raise awareness or (gasp!) sell a product. Cool. My own comment just got me thinking. Of course, I “do” email, so I’m a bit biased.

    Thanks for sharing and adding your own flavor to the story.

    DJ Waldow
    Director of Community at Blue Sky Factory

  • Awesome video and post, fella!

    I agree, conformity (for the most part) sucks. Who decides what’s right and wrong (at least, from a non-legal standpoint)?

    Be yourself and let others decide – otherwise, may as well give up your individuality now.

  • My favorite part of the video is toward the end, when you can see the senior citizens in the front two rows. One lady there seems to be having as much (or more) fun as anyone else in the whole church! These are folks who have lived, and they know that being stuffy and conformist is way overrated. Thanks for the reminder, Sonny!

  • Great video and good sentiments Sonny.

    Anderson Cooper even had it on CNN last night, it really went big quick

  • Sonny –


    Your post – and the comments – would make anything I say repetitive. Thank you for bringing us – and being – a breath of fresh air!

  • I don’t have much to say other than a big thanks for the warm comments, glad everyone enjoyed the video and hopefully it made your Friday better & your spirits higher!

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  • Right you are Sir with the attitude. Why trouble yourself with conformity, it stifles creativity and the potential of a person.

    Nice to know someone living outside the box. πŸ™‚

  • The first time I saw this video was on the local news. I kid you not! They have a web-clip segment in the 10:00 news.


  • This video is great and highly creative! I also wrote a post on it and added two more videos about the JK Wedding Entrance (http://is.gd/1XH9T)

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  • I wanted a unique way to contribute to this discussion and tried to non-conform, but the only way to comment was to type within this box. Dang, once again I am held down by the trappings of culture and tradition and forced to keep my words and thoughts inside the box.

    This is the non-conformist paradox, to truly be unique, it typically makes what you do incompatible with common action and effective change or influence. So my question would be, how to be creative enough to be appreciated, yet conforming enough to make a difference?

    BTW, although this video is quite popular, if you search a bit through YouTube, there were many amusing videos of people doing funny planned dances and things during weddings and at the receptions. So it was not non-conformity that made this so special in my opinion. It was doing something with genuine happiness and joy and with a bit of solid dance skillz thrown in to top it off. πŸ™‚

  • @Bryan – I’ve seen the other videos of couples doing special dances at their reception (nothing at the actual wedding though), but you make a great point – I can’t help but smile and get a good feeling inside every time I watch this. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the thoughts!

  • Sonny: I caught this one a few weeks ago I think… It was as much fun to watch this time around as it was then!

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