Voting Gone Viral

To be honest, I’ve never really been much of a political person but I’ve always been for voting and making your voice count. In what seems like the biggest election that most can remember, celebrities are making their voice count through campaign songs, commercials and videos. They’re utilizing their community of fans and followers to help promote the election (regardless of which party they may be for).

Earlier this week, I came across a great video called 5 Friends. It’s a celebrity filled video created to urge people to vote. They take a funny spin on it that you’ll just have to watch and see but the video is entertaining and thought provoking. The title of the video relates to their lasting message: Tell 5 Friends. That’s it. Just tell 5 of your friends about the video, about voting. Great ‘viral’ spin they put on the video, which has already garnered close to 1 million views since Oct 1st (includes a censored and uncensored version – big boy words;)). Imagine if everyone who watches it sends it to 5 friends. The buzz about the video would skyrocket. So, take a look at the video and be sure to send it to your 5 friends!

I’ve tagged 5 of my friends (I would’ve added more but I’ll stick to the gameplan) so they can have a watch of the video as well:

Amber Naslund, Deb Robison, Frank Martin, Connie Reece and Beth Harte.

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