Truly Humbled

We utilize these social media tools on a daily basis. For what? To build and grow our networks and relationships within. To showcase our abilities on blogs and to bring that value into conversations with other people looking to grow from our knowledge. We look to learn ourselves, from people we connect with and the content we read. Hell, some of us want our egos stroked a bit in the process. But sometimes, just sometimes – there’s something we experience that isn’t really expected:


Today was like any normal day on Twitter. Conversing as usual with my stellar community, but there was one thing (or person) that was different – Arik Hanson. He came into today with the mindset of selflessness and true care for the future of Scott Hepburn and me.

For those who don’t know, we’re both on the job hunt (or ‘free agents‘ as Scott likes to say) and Arik felt the need to openly utilize the community on Twitter and launch a day long ‘tweetathon’ for us. You can read about it more here, but what ensued after the start of this day was truly amazing. Dozens upon dozens of messages to me and Scott promoting Arik’s efforts, resulting in massively enhanced communities, new relationships, and more importantly – job leads.

There’s plenty of people out there in the same situation as Scott and I, but I can only hope that they have a colleague and friend who would be willing to go above and beyond and put this much effort towards someone else’s future before his/her own.

Scott and I had a quick talk over the phone last night (after the dust settled from numerous emails and conversations) and share the same sentiment about Arik and are truly thankful for his efforts, along with the rest of the Twitter community. We never asked him to do this, never even brought up the idea – he took the initiative and ran with it, along with dozens of other people. For that, there really are not enough words to describe how we feel, other than – thank you.

Arik, you’re a true class act.

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  • As well as Arik, both you and Scott are class acts. Any company that ends up with one of you as an employee is a lucky company indeed, and I truly hope that one of those job leads pans out.

    Still keeping my eyes and ears open for you both! I was just there a few months ago myself.


  • Sonny–

    Thanks so much for your kind words. But really, you and Scott have given me so much more. I learn from you–and a slew of others online–each and every day. For that, I am truly grateful. I really don’t think of what happened yesterday as anything all that special–really just trying to help two friends in need. I was feeling helpless, and was compelled to act. I just hope it leads to a conversation that leads to a conversation that leads to jobs for you and Scott. In any event, it was great to see the community rally around a common cause!

    I engage out here because of folks like you and Scott. You add value to the conversation. You’re interesting people. You’re smart. You’re funny. You’re human. We could all learn from you and Scott–and I know i will continue my “digital education” for months and years to come as a result. After all, we never stop learning, right? In any event, I am touched by your post and truly appreciate your and Scott’s friendship, advice and insights.


  • I couldn’t have said it better myself, Sonny!

    Arik: What you did by taking action was more than just a casual effort. It was as selfless a thing as I’ve seen happen online. This was a real-life example of social networking living up to its potential. Each individual Tweet and ReTweet, each small act, added up to something far greater than the sum of those acts.

    Sonny Gill is a sharp, thoughtful pro — a man with an innovative marketer’s eye, an understanding of people, and his finger on the pulse of online communities. He adds real value to the marketing and PR professions. You couldn’t have picked a more appropriate guy to shine the spotlight on, Arik.

    I tip my hat, too, to the hundreds of people who joined you in this campaign. Lisa Hoffmann, Mack Collier, Warren Sukernek, Ann Handley, and the rest of the heroes brigade have my eternal gratitude.

    It’s time for Sonny and I to get to work. Whoever employs us next will know that we’ll work tirelessly to live up to what you’ve done for us.

  • Awesome work Arik. Couldn’t have done it for two nicer people either. Sonny and Scott, I’d hire you if I could. But alas I’m not quite at baller status yet. Wishing you guys the best of luck!

  • Awesome! It’s truly special to be loved on like that. I hope you’re able to land something solid soon.

  • @Katie – Appreciate the kind words! Good things surely come, as they have for you!

    @Arik – No need to say thanks. If anything, we all can learn something from you in showing the selflessness that you did yesterday. You’re a smart guy that many people should be following – not just for your business sense, but cause of your character!

    @Scott – Thanks for that, man. Since yesterday, I’ve had an even more positive outlook on my future, as well as yours. When you have great people like Arik and the slew of others going to bat for ya, only good things can happen.

    @Stuart – I know you’re in the same boat man and I definitely know someone in the Boston area will pick your smart self up (ahem, Boston companies if you’re listening – smart PR/Marketing guy here).

    @Rob – Very much so – I think we all can benefit from positive ppl like Arik in our lives.

  • Its going to happen for both of you Sonny. I feel it. I know it.

  • Hi Sonny,

    What a wonderful example of community in action (and sorry I was offline and missed it). While what Arik did on your and Scott’s behalf was great. But it really starts with you and the credibility, generosity, smarts, and value you bring to the table–and your community–every day.

    I know there’s a great job out there with your name on it.


  • @Marc – Thanks, man – I’m feeling good!

    @Daria – Appreciate those kind words! I try to constantly give to my community so honestly, it really feels great when someone else does such a huge thing for you like Arik did for me and Scott.

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