Too Much Transparency or Lack of Common Sense?

How to Tweet You Way Out of a Job – it’s been going around Twitter all day so if you haven’t seen it, take a quick read. I’ll wait.

Ok – so, basically what happened was a fortunate job hunter, @theconnor, landed a job at Cisco and apparently felt the need to blurt out some rather interesting comments about the position/company – sadly (ironically) a Cisco employee saw the tweet and responded accordingly. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in Twitter and feel like you’re talking to your college buds over a beer but transparency isn’t really at question here, its common sense.

If you’re using these tools, realize that as much research that we do when finding out information about a company or hiring manager, the company is doing just the same, if not more. This even goes for roles you don’t land and openly badmouth the company for not hiring you. That can have the same backlash, as a potential employer could see that and be completely turned off from even wanting to talk to you.

Some quick thoughts but just remember to be wary of your surroundings and realize that in social media, whatever you tweet out or write about is for ALL eyes to see and the damage isn’t easily reversed.

Just ask yourself, would you say it to the face of your potential/current employer? No? Ok, good.

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  • It pains me how little discretion some people have, and then when it comes back to bite them, see them (or others) complain about not being allowed to be “honest” or “transparent” — like you said, the right to transparency is hardly the issue. Who would want to hire someone who shows such an alarming lack of judgment?

    In short: Don’t be so “transparent” that all your stupid shows through. It’s very unattractive.

  • It’s alarming for that lack of judgment online but who’s to say that they don’t operate in the same manner offline as well or even in the work place. It stems down to character and how you’re representing yourself – regardless if it’s online or offline.

    A quick reminder for many people with this story.

  • It’s a hard balance- you want to be able to be completely honest, but not feel threatened by what you say. Obviously, in situations like that, you don’t want to lose your job or job prospect, but @theconnor could’ve taken the opportunity to address the rumors directly instead of sharing them with his network.

  • @MLDina – I think there’s a way to be completely honest and transparent vs. letting your stupid come out, as Melanie stated. Its not that harsh a reality because you wouldn’t really say these things in person either, let alone on Twitter. Lesson learned for @theconnor’s fail moment!

  • What I think is even more amusing is on some of the blog entries written about this there are people who are defending @theconnor’s lack of common sense as being Cisco’s fault. That since she posted that tweet that Cisco should have thanked her for bringing this up and rewarded her for her candor.

    Give me a break! Most people are trying whatever they can to get a job and this person is whining about getting a job with a technology giant and a big paycheck? She needs to be smacked!

    And for those of you who agree with her: Grow up! There is no such thing as a truly anonymous venue, if you want to complain about something go and talk to your friends in person over dinner or over the phone. Not over a SOCIAL medium designed to show what you post to the world. If you do then take responsibility for your posts and don’t complain when someone smacks your hand.

  • @Sonny Gill I completely agree! I do cringe when I hear a story about someone getting fired or not getting hired in the first place due to photos on social media accounts. I think most professionals can keep their personal and business environments separate, and employers are too quick to judge in those instances.

  • Lack of common sense.

    How did she get a job at Cisco not knowing how social media works?

  • One rule I really like is, “don’t tweet anything you want Googled.” Basically, if it gives you pause you shouldn’t tweet it. It’s hard to argue with that.

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