Summing up 2010

*clears off cobwebs* Yes, I deserve that glare from you. I have no excuses for being absent but figure this is as good a time as any to jump back in here as we wrap up 2010. It’s been an amazing year for me – personally and professionally. There have been changes in both aspects of my life that I probably couldn’t have written in a book if I had to and am thankful for all of it.

With that, there are also challenges, setbacks, roadblocks, callitwhatyouwants. It wouldn’t be life if it weren’t for those things that try to veer us off-course. Though those things make us stronger, on the same token they can also break a person to a point where it affects them and the successes they have.

Whatever this year has looked like for you, there always seems to be one word that sums it up and resonates most strongly with a person – as several people shared with me on Twitter. I could list off a few different words for myself, but I want to share one that correlates directly with someone else in my life and a word that I think we can all connect with:


A little over a year ago, I shared with everyone my teen cousin and his diagnosis with cancer. What he’s experienced in this past year far exceeds anything that I could’ve imagined but what he’s done in this past year has been even more amazing.

Without getting too deep, this kid has gone through the adversity of being bed ridden and not able to walk or move his legs for months. Fast forward to this fall and you would see him pushing himself to gain strength in his legs, eventually going from wheelchair to a walker and being able to function more independently. Soon after, he got his drivers license, will be taking college courses and vows to be able to walk with just a cane by this summer.

Talk about looking challenges dead in the eye, shoving them aside and continuing to push forward.

What this word means for you

The meaning behind this short story is two-fold:

  • One – I’m a proud older cousin who’s watched a kid I grew up with persevere and refuse to give up no matter the circumstances.
  • Two – We all face barriers personally and professionally and the work we put into those aspects of our lives. I’ve seen some amazing people do amazing work and get to places where others have doubted them. But I’ve also seen those who let adversity and frustration take over and suppress the positive things they were working towards and let the negative control them and their future.

I’m not saying that we can easily get through any challenge that we face in this new year but rather, that no matter how big or small, we have to stay focused and determined to get past them and prove those things blocking our way wrong.

So instead of providing a word that summed up my year, I’m sticking to the word that encompassed my cousin’s 2010 year and more.

Persevere and make things happen this 2011, k?

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  • Perseverance is such an important trait for everyone to have. You and especially your cousin definitely have it. Your cousin’s outlook in the face of extreme adversity (cancer) is admirable.

    It’s often times the toughest challenges and roadblocks that make or break you. For me, I find I do my best work when people think I can’t do something. It adds that fuel to the fire that drives me to constantly do better. You have two options. You can push through it, or you can say it’s too hard and give up. You decide. But for me, it’s an easy choice. Push through it and find a way to deal with adversity both personally and professionally.

    • Jessica – that’s a great point on the confidence it gives us when there are people who doubt our capabilities and what we can accomplish. It’s not the only thing that pushes us but is definitely one of the keys in being able to strive towards greater success.

      Appreciate your thoughts and comment!

      • Thanks, Sonny! You are exactly right. Perseverance isn’t the only key to success but it definitely helps. Other notable keys to success is hard work, effective communication skills (both verbal and written), the ability to manage up and continual self-education, to name a few.

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