Social Media and Black Friday

I was reading Mack Collier’s post this morning on companies falling for social media’s ‘fear factor’ and a somewhat funny analogy came to mind as I thought about not only companies, but also people’s need to ‘do’ Social Media. This rush of individuals, Internet companies, traditional media, etc. is very much reminiscent of the yearly after-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales.

You know, the one where people are basically trampling over one another just to get some hot new toy or that extremely cheap TV, because you can never have enough televisions – especially at that price.


Well, get a grip. Like these crazy Black Friday sales, Social Media isn’t something that everyone has to run after. Because you see a slew of people gunning for that new piece of technology doesn’t mean you have to do the same. If you feel joining the gold-rush is something that’ll help you and your company, or your already gadget-riddled home, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Does Twitter really make sense for my business? (Does my home really need this fancy waffle maker?)
  • Do I have the time and resources to make it worthwhile? (Will my wife send me to the couch if I come back with that guitar I always wanted to play?)
  • Will Social Media really save my business? (Can this new grille really help me learn how to barbecue?)
  • Will rushing into Social Media before other companies give me a competitive advantage? (Will waiting in line at 3am get me 1 of 3 available $200 laptops? | OK – maybe it will, but you’re still crazy!)

Aside from a little comical value, the point here is whether it’s Black Friday or Social Media, take a step back and assess the situation and see if it really makes sense for your home or your business. Do you need binoculars or an ice-cream maker? Is a new blog and a Facebook Fan Page really best suited to connect with your audience?

Do what’s best for your business and your household – regardless if it includes that next shiny new toy or not.

4 comments On Social Media and Black Friday

  • We are learning so much about social media and how to implement it for our clients – great post that puts it into perspective – social media isn’t for everyone.

  • @Nicole – not even that it isn’t for everyone, but more to the point of looking at where your business is, what goals you’re looking to accomplish, and determining whether or not social media is something that can be integrated into your current strategies and help achieve those goals.

    The analogy just helped put things into perspective as to how simple these questions are, but often overlooked.

  • Sonny, thank God someone has brought this up! I was commenting on LAF’s post that I recently saw a gum commercial that was trying to tie itself desperately to Facebook. Then, a little later, I noticed an advertisement on top of gas pump that was imitating a text message.

    What good does any of this do? What may be worse than diving into social media when your business doesn’t have to is trying to base your advertising off of social media when your business doesn’t actually participate in it! I bet the people behind it are so proud of themselves… but I think it makes them look kind of foolish, personally. What do you think?

  • @Kyle – that’s another interesting dynamic to companies thinking past a strategy and straight into just ‘doing.’ What’s foolish is that they’re abusing not only their advertising channels but the consumers that are being pushed such messages to the brand’s Twitter or Facebook page, without a call to action or why they should go there in the first place – let alone not even having a presence on said networks.

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