psst, wanna know 7 secrets?

Looks like I was thrown into the meme mix of sharing 7 things you may not know about me by Kellye Crane, David Mullen and Beth Harte. A little different than what you may normally read here but hey – I figure it’ll help you all get a better grasp of who I am (or just become a bit more scared). Either way – here it goes:

  • Sonny isn’t my real name. Don’t worry; I’m not hiding my identity from the FBI or something. My real name is Sandeep but have always gone by Sonny since I was a little one. It was always easier for my friends to say (although I didn’t go by it in school until I hit college) and has stuck with me ever since. Actually, from what I recall, I only know of 2 people that actually call me by Sandeep – and it’s not my parents.
  • I originally majored in Computer Science when I began at The University of Akron. My love is with marketing but computers had always caught my interest and still do. After my freshman year, I realized that I had a deeper passion for business and marketing vs. building computer programs and soon enough made the transition over.
  • I’ve, um, totaled two cars. Hear me out; it wasn’t my fault, seriously. Well, I wrecked my dad’s car at 16 years old. Long story short, I ended up hitting a pole and ended with a tree. What’s worse is I wasn’t wearing my seat belt (I know, stupid – but have always buckled up since) and I smacked my head on the windshield. 40+ stitches later to sew up my cut forehead, I learned a good lesson on wearing my seat belt. The second car was my own and happened when I hydroplaned on the highway and a truck hit me on the driver-side. Fractured collarbone but was thankful nothing worse happened. Hated putting my family through it all but I’m one lucky dude.
  • I absolutely love basketball. Have played it since I was in grade school, in school and community leagues. You could easily find me in my driveway back home in Cleveland shooting hoops – rain or shine (or snow), I was out there. If I could be in any other profession I’d be a basketball player, not for the money but for the passion of playing the sport professionally.
  • I grew up with a large family and had about 16 cousins all within a half-hour of each other. It made for awesome and hilarious family gatherings and holidays. I look forward to some of that again as I travel back to Ohio this holiday season.
  • I love dogs but have never owned one. My parents and sister were never fond of animals so I could never have one when I was younger so I always took advantage of playing with my friends’ puppies and asking numerous times if I could have ’em. I look forward to getting one once I have my own home and have the time to take care of one.
  • I like shopping. Yea, I admit it. I openly go to the mall without the force of anyone. Although, I blame my sister who is an obsessive compulsive shopper and would take me on several hour long excursions. I probably have more shoes than any normal guy should have and a dozen watches. Metrosexual, aisle 1.

That’s it folks. I just hope you’re still reading and plan on coming back after those 7 things

Now, the ‘rules’ say to tag 7 more people but you know what, I’m breaking the rules of this meme and want to hear from all of you and one thing we may not know about you. So, let’s hear it!

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  • Thanks for playing along. These things are a bit annoying, but it is a great way to know a bit more about the people you’ve been connecting with online.

    1. If we’re ever at the same conference and headed out with Beth and Amber and others to grab dinner, you’re not allowed to drive. We’ll take someone else’s rental car. πŸ™‚

    2. I love shopping, too, and I’m not ashamed to say it. Have enjoyed it as long as I can remember. Which is funny, because neither of my parents are into shopping. I, too, own way more pants and shoes than any average man should. What can I say?

  • Two points stuck out for me here:
    1.) I haven’t totaled any cars or anything but I’ve been rear-ended 3 times! People never believe that it wasn’t my fault. Ever! (It wasn’t tho…)
    2.) I play a lot of basketball too. Still do to this day; every Saturday to be exact. Have a league out here… I can’t stop playing. There’s something relaxing about it. And it’s a good work-out.

    Anyway, catch ya later Sonny…

  • Hiya Crash! (kidding)

    And yes, I would still get in a car with you! Um, the shopping thing isn’t a secret Mr. Prada. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing your secrets Sonny and I am so glad that we are friends.

    Happy holidays to you and ALL of your family! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks all! Just call me Crashy πŸ™‚

    Beth – I forgot about AZ and the first thing you and Amber asking what cologne I was wearing πŸ˜‰ I would’ve hated myself if I didn’t get to go and meet awesome friends like you!

  • You know, I wondered about your name but it was always one of those things I would forget to ask about.

    I’ll have to do the 7 things meme, too. Will put it in the queue for next week – thanks for posting!

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