Powering Up

I know, I know – I deserve that look as I tip-toe my way back in here, hoping that no one would notice (unless no one does, then that’s perfectly fine). Since starting an amazing new gig and moving to an equally amazing city, I have admittedly been MIA here. It’s not that I’ve lost motivation to blog or forgot about my awesome and smart community here (though I do feel a bit of guilt), I’ve just been in power up mode.

Powering Up

When I think of this phrase, I immediately think of my childhood video game hero – Mario. Well, it isn’t all about the flash and power that he shows with his new overalls and fireballs (you know what I’m talking about), it’s about the growth from the various levels in your career and the different challenges, experiences and learnings laid within. Being put into a situation where I can dig my hands in even deeper and learn from amazing leaders while helping mold the social landscape of a large organization – that’s where I’m fortunate enough to be able to grow.

In this, I’ve stepped back from my blog, and even Twitter a bit, to immerse myself in my new role that has evolved my understanding of not just the tools and tactics we use on an every day basis, but the inner workings of building a social business and the strategies that are integrated within. It’s at the ground floor with the team where we’re busting out the gritty, constant and iterative work and mapping out what this road looks like for our organization. That’s where the meat of my focus has been and though an excuse is an excuse, it’s taken time for me to reorganize myself with this exciting and challenging transformation in my career and life.

What’s Next?

A whole lot of work is yet to be done but to be honest, stepping away from my blog for a bit has helped me put into perspective where my online home was and where I know it can grow to. This next level of my career really goes hand in hand with my written word and how I talk about my career and experiences, to help better not only myself but you all who come here to read and converse on the same. Hopefully you’ll still stick around for the ride!

Your Moves

Enough about me. I’m curious on what you’ve been working on, what new moves you’ve been making and how you’ve been powering up?


Sidenote: While writing this, I realized that Chris wrote a post last year on ‘leveling up‘ – similar in thought and analogy but he provides more of a how-to – well worth the read.

6 comments On Powering Up

  • It’s totally ok to step back and rethink, redraw your digital landscape. That’s what I’ve been doing as of late and it feels good (you feel refreshed).

    I trust all is well and keep crushing it at the new gig! (Yes I know it’s been a while).

    • Redrawing the way we function and scale across all aspects of our career is definitely important and like you said, can be refreshing.

      Things are great and yes, it has been too long. Hope things have been well on your end, Ricardo!

  • Congrats on the new gig, Sonny. There’s nothing wrong with focusing elsewhere for a while as long as you re-group and come back. I think we’ve all gone through periods where the blog takes a back seat to intense focus elsewhere. Just keep growing. Glad to have you back though. 🙂

  • Glad to see you movin up. That is awesome. Right now, I am trying to fill a roll of Social Media “person”? I don’t want to give myself an official title, because I am no where near the skill level of other Social Media Gurus. I am doing extensive research, trying to reach for a higher level of social Media skill. Do you have advice or tips for someone moving in that direction? Our company needs it, and I really do love it.

    Thanks Sonny,

    • Appreciate the comment and great to hear you’re taking the necessary steps to research and educate yourself on the space. You’re taking the right initial steps in doing that but take that further and understand your company’s goals and what they’re trying to accomplish as an organization. With that in mind, align in with your understanding of social and see what opportunities arise from looking at both under the same lens.

      That’s a basic initial step forward but let me know if you have additional questions! All the best to you.

      • Sonny,

        Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it. You are definitely an encouragement, and it is hard to find, especially with all the fat heads in the industry. I will definitely think through the things that you suggested. I totally agree, and I will make sure to focus on those things. I am sure I will have more questions, so I will let you know.

        Thanks Sonny!

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