People and Passion – Part 2

The first part of this short series related to one of the takeaways I had from the MarketingProfs Digital Mixer, people and the deep connections I made with many folks at the conference last week. The second takeaway that I’ll be touching on is passion.

Gary Vaynerchuk is as passionate as they come and if anyone is going to give you a kick in the butt about passion, he’s the man to do it. I’ve always watched his videos on & even on (and I barely drink wine) and am able to take his energy from the videos and into my professional and even personal life. Seeing (and gratefully getting to speak & hang out with) him in person definitely multiplied the force of his words as I’m sure majority of the people at the keynote felt. Summing it up, he makes you want to get out and do 1,000 things. Powerful, to say the least.

The main points he made during the keynote was content and community – but the underlying piece was passion as it’s the cornerstone in creating and building on those two points. If you’re not passionate about what you do or don’t enjoy it, change what you’re doing. Passion is something he’s instilled throughout his entire company and it shows. I’ve listened to Gary for awhile and his emphasis on passion, loving what you do and turning that into constant hustle and hard work, but this time his words really opened my eyes to a light that I personally am striving for.

I truly have a passion for what I do – I love social media, learning & building day after day and helping grow the community I’m involved in and the relationships that are built just by caring about the people. There are goals, short-term and long, that I’ve set for myself and hearing last week’s speakers/keynote further embedded that bird in my ear that now is the time to step my game up to the next level. Make the effort and put in the hours towards this growing industry that I love and further build my brand equity.

I’ve had great people in my life, from my parents and loving sister to professional mentors that have instilled in me values that I hold close. Sometimes, regardless if the love is there, you need a kick start through someone else’s passion and drive to get you going on that extra gear.

In the end, it’s not just about Gary or his keynote or videos, it’s about realization – pay attention and you’ll see passionate people within any industry stick out like a sore thumb. Understand where you are and what you’re doing. Are you in a place that you want to be? Are you truly happy? If not, how and what are you going to change? I know what I have to do.

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