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Too Much Transparency or Lack of Common Sense?

How to Tweet You Way Out of a Job – it’s been going around Twitter all day so if you haven’t seen it, take a quick read. I’ll wait. Ok – so, basically what happened was a fortunate job hunter, @theconnor, landed a job at Cisco and apparently felt the need to blurt out some rather interesting comments about the position/company – sadly (ironically) a Cisco employee saw the tweet and responded accordingly. It’s pretty easy to get caught up

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Follow Friday on Steroids

If you’re rolling around on Twitter every Friday, you’ve probably noticed a trend that started a couple months ago – #followfriday. People recommend favorite Twitterers to their community, thus creating a chain and viral effect on Fridays. It’s a great way to meet new fun folks and has even gone a step further with people creating starter packs for new users. One thing that’s missing, being 140 characters, is that there isn’t always depth on why you should follow those

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The Educational Disconnect

One of the things that we social media/tech heads preach, is to educate; educate those about Twitter that don’t get it, clients/companies who need help understanding the new media space and how it can build community and enhance their current marketing strategy, or our readers through how-to articles on how to better utilize Google Reader or Firefox.

Screw Relationships, I Want Numbers!

I’ll save the buildup and get right into what started this post at 1:30 a.m. this morning. There was a lot chatter yesterday on Twitter about a new ‘service’ that basically asks this question: So you’re looking to get a massive following on twitter? The site is TweeterGetter and apparently Gary McCaffrey guarantees that you’ll get 16,000 (give or take however many thousand) followers in 30 days. It doesn’t require you to follow anyone back as you can just sit

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social media – the red light district?

I had a quick chat yesterday with Marc Meyer and was struck by his tweet: If I hear another company say, we’re “doing social media” “Doing social media” is something a lot of us hear far too many times and honestly, makes it sound like a cheap date that you pick up in a dimly lit alley.

Book Contest Winner

It’s that time folks – time to choose the winner of my recent book giveaway for Rohit Bhargava‘s, Personality Not Included. As mentioned, I would be choosing the winner through random selection via There were a lot of great people that participated in the contest but the winning copy of PNI goes to Eric! I’ll be emailing you to congratulate and ask for your mailing address (don’t worry, I won’t stalk you).

Book Giveaway – Personality Not Included

Last year at the MarketingProfs Digital Mixer, I attended Rohit Bhargava‘s book signing, along with a bunch of other fun folks, for his new book, Personality Not Included. He explained how he came up with the idea and what makes it different than other marketing/business books. The biggest thing that you’ll notice is that the book is split up into two parts. Part I consists of several stories and real-life examples on why personality matters. Where Part II brings it

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Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

As layoffs continue to hit a lot of us, it means that even more of my friends and colleagues are feeling the effect. What’s tripped me out lately is the lackadaisical attitude that people have had on networking. Those being laid off are just now creating LinkedIn profiles, wanting to build sites/blogs and joining Twitter. I’m, by all means, supportive and will help them out in any way possible but networking is a thing that doesn’t happen overnight and takes

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Transparency – The Double-edged Sword

I had the pleasure to talk with Marc Meyer over the phone yesterday. We had a great chat as we talked about an issue that’s been on his mind of late – the lack of context on Twitter. He had some deep thoughts on the matter and got the perspectives of several other great people as well. The main thought I shared with him was that the minute we begin questioning what we tweet about because someone might not understand

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The Forgotten One – Trust

We all heard about it, while many others were taken advantage of, as a phishing scam hit Twitter last weekend. The scam spread DMs that told people to click on a link that went to what looked like the Twitter login page, which is where many gave away their sensitive account information. It quickly spread and everyone was encouraged to change their password. What had me thinking though was the thought about trust and our seemingly lack of understanding and

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