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Exceptions in Customer Service?

This morning’s brand brouhaha, if you haven’t seen it already, revolves around United Airlines and a musician’s scorn. The full story resides on Dave Carroll’s site but the gist is that United Airlines damaged his $3,500 guitar, as luggage handlers tossed it around. Nine months past and numerous phone calls and emails later, there was no resolution and Dave’s claim for his guitar was denied. What takes the cake though is Dave’s response. He’s a musician and it was only

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Are You Shortcutting Your Community?

Today’s social media focused world is really cut up into two sides. One side is where much of the hard work, tough questions, and moving of needles reside. Those people who are looking to help further the industry, build strong communities, help innovate, and are genuine in their actions. While on the flip side, you have the people looking for shortcuts, the easy road to infamy and a legion of thousands that they probably don’t even know. The people who

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‘Sirius’-ly Off The Mark

I normally don’t talk about apps and other toys that we all play with on a daily basis, but I couldn’t resist not talking about Sirius XM’s recently released iPhone app. The anticipated release of their app has certainly dissipated as iPhoners and subscribers are realizing that though it’s a free app, there is an additional $3/month fee to access their ‘premium’ online radio content. Wait, what? For those, like myself, who already subscribe to their service, we’re scratching our

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#CmtyChat Kickoff

If you weren’t around Twitter Friday afternoon, you might’ve missed that Bryan Person and I launched a new chat, #CmtyChat. Sure, there are a lot of great chats out like the original, #JournChat, but we felt the increasing need to talk about the growing business of online communities and how community managers are building, managing, and measuring those communities. We were lucky enough to have Jim Storer as our guest for the inaugural #CmtyChat and had a great conversation centered

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Convenience vs. Experience

Businesses have specific goals set (we hope) and daily practices to achieve them. They’ve built and taught a company culture that’s embedded into their employee’s heads. Their sales process, customer service, and marketing/communications have each been built around, well, the company. But what happened to molding your brand around your customers and their experience? What happened to the thinking of (as cliché as it may sound), customer first?

Ears Plugged

Listening is a basic tenet in community building and communication. Ears open right? Not so much in Twitter’s case this evening. They made a ‘small change‘ to their reply settings by changing the replies tab from showing all @replies to only showing those from people that you’re following. Reading their explanation sounds very condescending as it is – who said the replies option (hence the word option) was ‘undesirable’ or ‘confusing’? Twitter obviously doesn’t listen to the community to know

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Whole Blog vs. Skim Blog

Mack Collier, as usual, put out a helpful post today on how to write great blog comments and rightfully so, I wrote a comment (hopefully a great one) – but after submitting my thoughts and reading again, I began thinking; the focal point of this post is not only on how to leave great comments, but to really read and understand what the author is writing about. Doing so helps you understand and provide further value in your own thoughts.

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Celebrity Takeover – Optimists vs Detractors

For those immersed in Twitter, there’s usually a weekly hot topic that has the community abuzz and last week was no different. Ashton Kutcher threw down a challenge to CNN to see who can hit 1 million followers first. This seemed to not only be the crowning moment for Ashton, as he won the ‘race’, but for Twitter and it’s increased mainstream popularity. The following day, Ashton was on the Oprah show (via Skype) and talked Twitter, along with guest

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Truly Humbled

We utilize these social media tools on a daily basis. For what? To build and grow our networks and relationships within. To showcase our abilities on blogs and to bring that value into conversations with other people looking to grow from our knowledge. We look to learn ourselves, from people we connect with and the content we read. Hell, some of us want our egos stroked a bit in the process. But sometimes, just sometimes – there’s something we experience

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The Lost Art of Relationship Building

Simple thing, really. Hi. How are you? I’m a marketing nerd that loves basketball, the gym and Twitter. Wanna exchange numbers? Let’s hang out! OK, that may be the dumbed down version but you get the point. We’re introduced to new people almost every day, in personal or more formal situations. We hope there’s an initial connection and then build off of that with two-way conversations.