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MarketingProfs DMM – Community Panel

If you didn’t hear, I was busy learning and meeting some awesome people at the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer in Chicago this past week. I had the opportunity to talk with tons of smart folks, while attending several great sessions on digital marketing, social media and communities. As a strong advocate for communities, as well as being a co-founder of #CmtyChat, I was definitely intrigued by Thursday’s interactive session on building and nurturing your online community. The panel was led

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Give Me My Time Back!

One of the more interesting posts I read today was from David Spinks and the debate of why 9-5 should be eliminated. It took on the idea that the 9-5 should be set aside for the sake of personal lives/lifestyles, work preferences, and getting-things-done how the employee feels comfortable.

Tell me one thing…

That we don’t know about you. Yes, that’s it. Maybe it’s in our name; I know it is for me. Not many people know this but Sonny isn’t my real name. I know, the horror! Well, my birth name is Sandeep (sun-deep), an Indian name from the Punjabi dialect. You’re probably wondering why I don’t use it much? Well, I actually did in grade school and into high school. Even though it was much harder to pronounce than Sonny, which

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Has Twitter Changed Facebook?

Facebook was pretty busy last week as they released their new Facebook Lite version of their platform and also announced a new feature that includes @mentions within your status updates. Though big releases, the main conversations I’ve seen revolved around Facebook’s mimicking of Twitter.

Greatness Comes Without Complacency

This is a cross-post from my basketball blog, Rockin’ The Rim. Though it reads about Michael Jordan and the game of basketball, the focus is on his nature as a competitor and the motivation he lived with to succeed every day; something we all can benefit from – basketball or not. When it comes to the NBA and the word greatness, one person that will always pop up in our minds is Michael Jordan. We all know him for what

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Relationships and Trust in the Offline World

I’m sitting here at Panera Bread, my usual work-shifting spot, doing some Saturday afternoon work. My experience here is always a pleasant one – relaxing environment and nice employees (free Wi-Fi doesn’t hurt either.) But my time here today was a little different, as I sat next to a new-employee class that Panera was hosting for a handful of newbies. They’ve been talking about the company’s history, the bread, and the passion that has gone into this business for over

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SXSW PanelPicker or PanelPimping?

Many of us knew that today was the beginning of SXSW Interactive’s voting process for the conference’s panel submissions. The PanelPicker, as it’s called, shows all submitted panel ideas and allows you to vote and comment on your favorites and which ones you would like to see at the event next year. It’s a great way to crowdsource and choose which ideas you would find most beneficial – but with that comes a downside, as it was prevalent with Christopher

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Social Media Vs. Media Exclusivity

This post is a collaboration with the super smart Lauren Fernandez. She pointed me towards this story and related issue, so it was only right to have her weigh in and get her point of view. You can connect with Lauren at her awesome PR blog or on Twitter. We’re all aware of the hyper-connectivity that Social Media has created in today’s digital age – providing us with information and numerous forms of media at the tips of our fingers.

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Why Nonconformity Rocks

Because following the crowd isn’t as fun. Because following guidelines doesn’t always get you noticed. Because letting your passion and personality ride you through gets people talking. Because change is a good thing and it challenges people and their thinking. Because being yourself will always be far better than trying to be someone else. And because not conforming gives you great memories like this: I found this video yesterday (thanks to @KatiRyan) when it was only at a few thousand

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Social Media and Black Friday

I was reading Mack Collier’s post this morning on companies falling for social media’s ‘fear factor’ and a somewhat funny analogy came to mind as I thought about not only companies, but also people’s need to ‘do’ Social Media. This rush of individuals, Internet companies, traditional media, etc. is very much reminiscent of the yearly after-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales.