One Year Later – Time Flies When You’re…

How’s that old saying go? Time flies when you’re having fun? That’s certainly true but I can think of some other qualifiers:

  • You work with a smart/fun/great team
  • You’re helping build social business in your org
  • You’re passionate about what you do
  • You’re continually evolving

I could keep going but the above are strong contenders for why time has flown by for me and has already been one year since joining U.S. Cellular. To say that the past 12 months have been amazing, is an understatement. I chose to make the transition for several reasons but there are certain aspects that have stuck out in my time here:

Team Culture

I’ve always been a strong proponent of having a positive company culture. It breeds a strong environment, which spills over into what you accomplish for the business. Many companies talk greatly on this but only certain ones can actually execute. This past year exceeded my expectations – but it wasn’t just about a positive, fun culture. It was about one that’s built around super smart teammates, one that empowers you to build/create/execute, and one that holds you accountable for outcomes – allowing you to learn and grow from our experiences. That’s the type of culture that allows me to excel.

Social Business

Being in the marketing and social industry for 7 years now has given me a lot of perspective. I’ve seen social grow from its infancy as just an engagement and content platform to something much more robust, something that integrates into how businesses operate and function in their day to day. I saw this vision at U.S. Cellular and knew it was where I wanted to evolve my career in this space. My leader knew where she wanted to see the organization go and our team has continued to make leaps and bounds in accomplishing that.


Sounds simple but this is a business value that is sometimes overlooked. It’s not always about the soft, squishy stuff. You need to be a part of something positive but also a place that is focused on moving forward. Having clear set goals, top down, is essential in knowing that the business understands where they want to go and how. Not only does this provide clear expectations for our respective teams, but it motivates me to get better in my role knowing that we have a vision for the future and that my experience is going to continue to grow in that time.

What’s Next?

I wrote about what went into my decision last year and where I’m at 12 months later to help put things into perspective, for me and hopefully some of you. It provides me with perspective of where I’ve come from and how far I’ve gotten since my transition, but also gives me a look into what I expect out of myself in this coming year. It will help me build upon my professional goals and further evolve what I’m able to accomplish in my role.

Take a look back at your role and what you’ve seen in the last 12 months. What accomplishments and values stick out to you and what goals will you be striving for?

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