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If you didn’t hear, I was busy learning and meeting some awesome people at the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer in Chicago this past week. I had the opportunity to talk with tons of smart folks, while attending several great sessions on digital marketing, social media and communities.

As a strong advocate for communities, as well as being a co-founder of #CmtyChat, I was definitely intrigued by Thursday’s interactive session on building and nurturing your online community. The panel was led by Beth Harte and included Rachel Happe, Gretchen Harding and Mildred Center.

The super smart panel had a lot of great thoughts & ideas, but here are some of the main points taken from the session:

  • Communities are smaller entities within networks (Twitter/Facebook) that have a more concerted effort towards engagement and communication
  • Numerous communities can exist within a single organization. Different audiences create needs on different levels. Focus your content and engagement for your individual communities respectively
  • Posting content only equates to being just a website. Build an interaction and response portal for your community
  • Measure growth bi-annually vs. monthly – communities require nurturing and time to build & grow. Communicate to your company so expectations are the same across the board
  • Give your community superpowers – allow them to grow and get smarter. Equip them to grow their community voice
  • Understand your business’ community goals & strategy and cater your content around that, as well as your community’s expectations
  • Leverage existing customers and advocates of your brand to help start and build your community. Small group of passionate and engaged people help get the energy going for the community and allows the community manager to build a strong base before rolling it out to a larger base of people

There was a great discussion around these points, though the biggest takeaway for me was that your organization doesn’t always have just one focused community and can create segmented content & engagement strategies for multiple audiences within.

Whether you took part in this interactive discussion or not, what else would you add to this list that can help build your business’ community?

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