Giving Thanks

Yes, I know Thanksgiving is gone and past but I don’t need just that day to give thanks. I had a rather large thought that finally came full circle yesterday, which happened to be my birthday – but this post isn’t for the fact of that joyous day 27 years ago. This thought came about as I woke up yesterday and turned on the good ‘ol lappy that seems to want to croak any day. Anyway, I woke already to numerous messages wishing me a great birthday and shout outs from friends and family, online and off. Then the day progressed and the messages multiplied and I eventually spent about 30 minutes last night thanking every single person. As I reflected on everyone’s thoughts and wishes for me, I realized several things that took me back through the last crazy month of mine.

This roller coaster ride started early November when the seemingly inevitable layoff bug hit my company and took down about 30 of our employees. Well, I was unfortunately one of those 30 who lost their job that day. It was a shock – I was upset, angered, surprised, all of the above. It took me a day to fully grasp what & why it happened, as it was the first time I’ve ever been in a situation like this. Where do I go from here? What do I do?

This experience has been a crazy one to say the least and have realized more than ever the support that I have from the people within my life. My family, first and foremost, had my back from day one – so that was great in itself. Admittedly, I had a fear of them thinking the latter about my situation but I realized that wasn’t even in question. My close friends provided their ears and just listened when I needed to talk. Lastly, the people I can also call friends are the ones that I’ve networked with and met through Twitter and other online communities. They’ve given me professional advice and guidance that I’ll always be thankful for. They’ve helped with keeping me positive through everything, spread the word on my search for a new job and even helped me land an interview that very week I was laid off. Even though things haven’t worked out yet, I am truly thankful for them. If people don’t see the value in building relationships through these online communities, think again.

So, what was this thought of mine yesterday? That no matter how big the bumps are that I’ve encountered this past month, there’s always people who care, support and believe in me and that push me to where they know I can and will be. I didn’t expect to be in the situation that I am on my birthday this year but after the support I received this past month from friends & family, it’s helped me reaffirm the thought that I am lucky and things will be ok.

So, thank you.

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