Communities – Quantity vs. Quality

‘Look who’s viewed your profile!’ ‘See who your top friends!’ Blah blah blah. Suffice it to say, most of us are tired of all of this spam and junk clicking going on over on Facebook. It’s not our fault right? We’re not the ones getting caught by spam tactics and spreading it across our entire network of colleagues, friends and family. But, just maybe, we are at fault here…

I’ve x’d out numerous of these posts that have targeted many of my friends within the social space. The more I closed out these posts, the more I began to realize that perhaps we’re the ones at fault for adding these folks. Hear me out though before you think I’m telling you how to maintain your profile.


We’ve always preached openness and to build our communities of like-minded individuals, our blog readers, those who admire the work that we do. It became second nature, even for me, to add anyone and everyone so long that we knew they were involved in the social space. We’ve matured over the years, as have our relationships within these communities.  With that maturation we’ve also seen several ways to manage our Facebook communities, which fits several different types of users. But when does adding everyone become disadvantageous for us?


Back to the issue at hand, I’ve seen my fair share of spam from my friends within the social space (them being tagged, not so much them spreading it). Where I haven’t seen one bit has been from my friends and family outside of my social media world – those people who, for the most part, have more strict filters in who they accept or ignore. Now I understand this is just one sample and definitely not trying to generalize here, but this observation is fairly telling to me.

It’s not just about Facebook – but the relationships within our online communities have certainly evolved. So I ask you this – have we reached a point where we need to become more cognizant of who we actually invite into our networks? Do we focus on the quality of those connections that we can actually vouch for or do we continue to increase the quantity in these communities because that’s what we feel ‘social’ should be?

I understand there will be folks who wish to add the masses; because you never know who you may come across, meet, do business or connect with – but where do we draw the line for sake of bastardizing these communities?

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