cmtychat-logoIf you weren’t around Twitter Friday afternoon, you might’ve missed that Bryan Person and I launched a new chat, #CmtyChat. Sure, there are a lot of great chats out like the original, #JournChat, but we felt the increasing need to talk about the growing business of online communities and how community managers are building, managing, and measuring those communities.

We were lucky enough to have Jim Storer as our guest for the inaugural #CmtyChat and had a great conversation centered around questions from the community:

Q1 – What are the biggest day-to-day challenges for community managers?

Q2 – Finding “allies” is a key issue for community managers. How can CMs find that support?

Q3 – Driving culture change is crucial to gaining internal support for communities. Best tips for bringing about that change?

Q4 – @RHappe just mentioned the importance of the “aha! moment” for evangelizing. What has been your aha! moment as a CM?

Q5 – @JamiePappas suggests profiling members as a way to build support/momentum for the community. Any others finding success with that?

Even better was the subsequent conversation to these questions, so I’m sure you want to get the meat of it.  Lucky for us, the cool people over at WTHashtag have a great statistical overview of our chat – but more importantly, a transcript.

#CmtyChat runs every Friday from 1-2pm ET, and can follow the coversation from the hashtag and @CmtyChat, but that doesn’t mean the conversation has to stop there. I still want to hear from you. Share your thoughts and ideas to the above questions and add to the conversation.

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8 responses to “#CmtyChat Kickoff”

  1. It was a great time and time well-spent. I think you and Bryan have created something that we all need. I’ll be back on Friday!
    Angela Connor | @communitygirl

  2. @Angela – It was awesome having your smart self there! Definitely look forward to having you on future chats!

  3. Good idea for collecting thoughts on this topic. I feel that the practice is still very undefined (although many great resources have been produced) and these kinds of archives will help shave what the future role will look like.

  4. @Len – That’s definitely the focus, Len! Producing a resource that not only pulls the community together for a common focus, but to give them a resource to learn and grow from. Hope to see you at one of the future chats!

  5. Our team is happy to see you guys are enjoying the resource that What the Hashtag provides. Also, since I sideline as a community manager, I’m getting some great value out of your chat. Thanks for kicking this off!

  6. Superb article. Hashtags make Twitter what it is, in my honest opinion. I do love a good trending topic. WTHashtag have helped me out with a lot too. Good read.

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