SXSW PanelPicker or PanelPimping?

Many of us knew that today was the beginning of SXSW Interactive’s voting process for the conference’s panel submissions. The PanelPicker, as it’s called, shows all submitted panel ideas and allows you to vote and comment on your favorites and which ones you would like to see at the event next year. It’s a great way to crowdsource and choose which ideas you would find most beneficial – but with that comes a downside, as it was prevalent with Christopher

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Social Media Vs. Media Exclusivity

This post is a collaboration with the super smart Lauren Fernandez. She pointed me towards this story and related issue, so it was only right to have her weigh in and get her point of view. You can connect with Lauren at her awesome PR blog or on Twitter. We’re all aware of the hyper-connectivity that Social Media has created in today’s digital age – providing us with information and numerous forms of media at the tips of our fingers.

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Social Media and Black Friday

I was reading Mack Collier’s post this morning on companies falling for social media’s ‘fear factor’ and a somewhat funny analogy came to mind as I thought about not only companies, but also people’s need to ‘do’ Social Media. This rush of individuals, Internet companies, traditional media, etc. is very much reminiscent of the yearly after-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales.

Are You Shortcutting Your Community?

Today’s social media focused world is really cut up into two sides. One side is where much of the hard work, tough questions, and moving of needles reside. Those people who are looking to help further the industry, build strong communities, help innovate, and are genuine in their actions. While on the flip side, you have the people looking for shortcuts, the easy road to infamy and a legion of thousands that they probably don’t even know. The people who

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Ears Plugged

Listening is a basic tenet in community building and communication. Ears open right? Not so much in Twitter’s case this evening. They made a ‘small change‘ to their reply settings by changing the replies tab from showing all @replies to only showing those from people that you’re following. Reading their explanation sounds very condescending as it is – who said the replies option (hence the word option) was ‘undesirable’ or ‘confusing’? Twitter obviously doesn’t listen to the community to know

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Celebrity Takeover – Optimists vs Detractors

For those immersed in Twitter, there’s usually a weekly hot topic that has the community abuzz and last week was no different. Ashton Kutcher threw down a challenge to CNN to see who can hit 1 million followers first. This seemed to not only be the crowning moment for Ashton, as he won the ‘race’, but for Twitter and it’s increased mainstream popularity. The following day, Ashton was on the Oprah show (via Skype) and talked Twitter, along with guest

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Too Much Transparency or Lack of Common Sense?

How to Tweet You Way Out of a Job – it’s been going around Twitter all day so if you haven’t seen it, take a quick read. I’ll wait. Ok – so, basically what happened was a fortunate job hunter, @theconnor, landed a job at Cisco and apparently felt the need to blurt out some rather interesting comments about the position/company – sadly (ironically) a Cisco employee saw the tweet and responded accordingly. It’s pretty easy to get caught up

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Screw Relationships, I Want Numbers!

I’ll save the buildup and get right into what started this post at 1:30 a.m. this morning. There was a lot chatter yesterday on Twitter about a new ‘service’ that basically asks this question: So you’re looking to get a massive following on twitter? The site is TweeterGetter and apparently Gary McCaffrey guarantees that you’ll get 16,000 (give or take however many thousand) followers in 30 days. It doesn’t require you to follow anyone back as you can just sit

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social media – the red light district?

I had a quick chat yesterday with Marc Meyer and was struck by his tweet: If I hear another company say, we’re “doing social media” “Doing social media” is something a lot of us hear far too many times and honestly, makes it sound like a cheap date that you pick up in a dimly lit alley.

Transparency – The Double-edged Sword

I had the pleasure to talk with Marc Meyer over the phone yesterday. We had a great chat as we talked about an issue that’s been on his mind of late – the lack of context on Twitter. He had some deep thoughts on the matter and got the perspectives of several other great people as well. The main thought I shared with him was that the minute we begin questioning what we tweet about because someone might not understand

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