Social Media Vs. Media Exclusivity17Aug09

This post is a collaboration with the super smart Lauren Fernandez. She pointed me towards this story and related issue, so it was only right to have her weigh in and get her point of view. You can connect with Lauren at her awesome PR blog or on Twitter.

We’re all aware of the hyper-connectivity that Social Media has created in today’s digital age – providing us with information and numerous forms of media at the tips of our fingers. The speed at which technology has changed our everyday lives and the opportunities it has created for businesses is amazing; but the SEC doesn’t see it that way. (more…)

Social Media and Black Friday22Jul09

I was reading Mack Collier’s post this morning on companies falling for social media’s ‘fear factor’ and a somewhat funny analogy came to mind as I thought about not only companies, but also people’s need to ‘do’ Social Media. This rush of individuals, Internet companies, traditional media, etc. is very much reminiscent of the yearly after-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales. (more…)

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Are You Shortcutting Your Community?30Jun09

Today’s social media focused world is really cut up into two sides. One side is where much of the hard work, tough questions, and moving of needles reside. Those people who are looking to help further the industry, build strong communities, help innovate, and are genuine in their actions. While on the flip side, you have the people looking for shortcuts, the easy road to infamy and a legion of thousands that they probably don’t even know. The people who think it’s a numbers game. (more…)

Ears Plugged12May09

Listening is a basic tenet in community building and communication. Ears open right? Not so much in Twitter’s case this evening. They made a ‘small change‘ to their reply settings by changing the replies tab from showing all @replies to only showing those from people that you’re following. Reading their explanation sounds very condescending as it is – who said the replies option (hence the word option) was ‘undesirable’ or ‘confusing’? Twitter obviously doesn’t listen to the community to know what we find beneficial & functional in our everyday use.

As discussed a lot already tonight (check the #FIXIT and #fixreplies hashtags), many of us found new conversations through this option, as we were able to connect with people that were talking about us who we weren’t already following. Now, they’ve taken that ‘undesirable’ option away and hindered a big part of how we were able to build connections.


Celebrity Takeover – Optimists vs Detractors21Apr09

For those immersed in Twitter, there’s usually a weekly hot topic that has the community abuzz and last week was no different. Ashton Kutcher threw down a challenge to CNN to see who can hit 1 million followers first. This seemed to not only be the crowning moment for Ashton, as he won the ‘race’, but for Twitter and it’s increased mainstream popularity.

The following day, Ashton was on the Oprah show (via Skype) and talked Twitter, along with guest Evan Williams (Twitter CEO). That episode, along with Oprah‘s joining and promotion of Twitter, has skyrocketed Twitter’s name. It may seem like a great time to be on Twitter but there has definitely been mixed emotions about this mainstream recognition.

Ultimately, I see people on two sides of this debate – the Optimists and the Detractors. (more…)

Too Much Transparency or Lack of Common Sense?18Mar09

How to Tweet You Way Out of a Job – it’s been going around Twitter all day so if you haven’t seen it, take a quick read. I’ll wait.

Ok – so, basically what happened was a fortunate job hunter, @theconnor, landed a job at Cisco and apparently felt the need to blurt out some rather interesting comments about the position/company – sadly (ironically) a Cisco employee saw the tweet and responded accordingly. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in Twitter and feel like you’re talking to your college buds over a beer but transparency isn’t really at question here, its common sense.

If you’re using these tools, realize that as much research that we do when finding out information about a company or hiring manager, the company is doing just the same, if not more. This even goes for roles you don’t land and openly badmouth the company for not hiring you. That can have the same backlash, as a potential employer could see that and be completely turned off from even wanting to talk to you.

Some quick thoughts but just remember to be wary of your surroundings and realize that in social media, whatever you tweet out or write about is for ALL eyes to see and the damage isn’t easily reversed.

Just ask yourself, would you say it to the face of your potential/current employer? No? Ok, good.

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Screw Relationships, I Want Numbers!12Feb09

I’ll save the buildup and get right into what started this post at 1:30 a.m. this morning. There was a lot chatter yesterday on Twitter about a new ‘service’ that basically asks this question:

So you’re looking to get a massive following on twitter?

The site is TweeterGetter and apparently Gary McCaffrey guarantees that you’ll get 16,000 (give or take however many thousand) followers in 30 days. It doesn’t require you to follow anyone back as you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the thousands of followers you’ll be getting, of whom you have had absolutely no real interaction with.

I’m sure you can sense my disdain for this service and the negative thinking that it promotes. The thought of ‘auto-piloting’ the follow process and building a humongous following has SPAM written all over it. Gary, and the unfortunate that have taken part in this, fail to realize the value of building relationships vs. just having a large follower count. (more…)

social media – the red light district?04Feb09

I had a quick chat yesterday with Marc Meyer and was struck by his tweet:

If I hear another company say, we’re “doing social media”

“Doing social media” is something a lot of us hear far too many times and honestly, makes it sound like a cheap date that you pick up in a dimly lit alley. (more…)

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Transparency – The Double-edged Sword10Jan09

I had the pleasure to talk with Marc Meyer over the phone yesterday. We had a great chat as we talked about an issue that’s been on his mind of late – the lack of context on Twitter. He had some deep thoughts on the matter and got the perspectives of several other great people as well. The main thought I shared with him was that the minute we begin questioning what we tweet about because someone might not understand the context of it, is when we, and the industry, begin to take a step backwards in our growth. We were born into this Social Media world with this word tattooed on our foreheads:


The Forgotten One – Trust09Jan09

We all heard about it, while many others were taken advantage of, as a phishing scam hit Twitter last weekend. The scam spread DMs that told people to click on a link that went to what looked like the Twitter login page, which is where many gave away their sensitive account information. It quickly spread and everyone was encouraged to change their password. What had me thinking though was the thought about trust and our seemingly lack of understanding and adhering to that word. I was quickly reminded about an interview I did at the MP Digital Mixer with Chris Brogan, in regards to his upcoming book, Trust Agents. Though the clip was probably full of bloopers on my part, I remembered being asked what I thought a ‘trust agent’ was. The answers Chris got during his interviews were great but what I’ve realized is that we all have a vital role in creating trust and this little fiasco that happened over the weekend shows that many of us have forgotten that.

The role has more to do than just who you trust personally but is more so associated with one action, such as this past weekend’s, and its related/adverse effects. These relations encompass the services you use on a daily basis, the perception companies have on social media, and the communities you interact with.