The Importance of Affirmation

In today’s world, we certainly have a heightened sense of being ‘on’, always creating and always framing for the future; all the while, growing our experiences each and every day. This can be a lot to ask for and personally, I understand it’s a challenge and is something that I have to constantly work at. But with all the hustle and hard work that goes on behind the scenes, there are moments where you look for that extra push that

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Communication Disconnect

I went on a bike ride on the lakefront here in Chicago the other day. Gorgeous scenery and amazing trails made for a great ride. What really caught my attention though was when I stopped in front of The Field Museum. There was a family near me and overheard the following between a father and his daughter as he looked at an outdoor statue:

Powering Up

I know, I know – I deserve that look as I tip-toe my way back in here, hoping that no one would notice (unless no one does, then that’s perfectly fine). Since starting an amazing new gig and moving to an equally amazing city, I have admittedly been MIA here. It’s not that I’ve lost motivation to blog or forgot about my awesome and smart community here (though I do feel a bit of guilt), I’ve just been in power

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Southwest Air & Kevin: Social Responsibility

By now, most the social web and even mainstream media have read the story about Southwest Airlines and filmmaker Kevin Smith, removing him from a flight because he was ‘too fat’ and a safety concern. Let me state this from the get go, I realize that SWA was in the wrong with their actions and don’t agree with what they did. I was glad though to see that Southwest responded quickly and even more than once (whether to people’s liking or

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Patience and Hustle

If I had to sum up the last year of my life, those two words would be it. In hindsight, I’m appreciative of the adversity that I’ve gone through. It’s what has helped me evolve – personally and professionally – turning that adversity into opportunity. It’s made me realize that we’re all on a roller coaster – a ride that you either hang on for as long as you can until it decides to make a pit stop, or one

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Fighting Cancer – One Jump At a Time

Note: This post is a bit more personal and off-topic than what you’d expect here, but I hope you stick around nevertheless as it covers an important part of my life and a specific project. The start of the new year is usually a time of joy; reflecting on the past year, looking forward to what’s to come in the next and setting goals & resolutions for ourselves. For my family, the start of 2009 became a time of prayer

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Community May Not Be For Everyone

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do we live in a bribery economy?

Discounts! Coupons! X% off! We all love a sweet deal. I mean, who doesn’t want an incentive to purchase a product or service? It’s what persuades our behaviors as consumers to pick one brand over another – and unless we have a sacred affinity to a specific brand & their products {Apple Macs/iPods or Nike shoes} we’re typically swayed by these offerings. What got me thinking is the social web and how we, as consumers, respond to brands that are utilizing

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Do You Ever Delete Your Thoughts?

OK, I’m not thinking Men in Black where Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones come in with hip black sunglasses and flash a silver probe that erases any memory you have of them or mutating aliens. It relates more to our writings on our blogs. Getting down on paper/text our thoughts and ideas about social media or technology or whatever focus our blog is designed for. Sometimes ideas come in a snap (like this one), while others take some time

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MarketingProfs DMM: Affirmation & Testing

This year’s Digital Marketing Mixer was once again filled with great panels and smart people who I learned from and got to know during this 2-day event. I wrote a recap a year ago from my first MarketingProfs event, with an emphasis on people and passion, but this year for me focused around two trends – affirmation and testing. Affirmation I say this from more of a development standpoint. From hearing numerous panels to having 1-on-1 sit-downs with industry leaders.

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