Creating Experiences Through Purpose

When a service technician that comes to your home, you figure there’s a technology issue that needs to get fixed by an expert. What’s gotten you to this point? Numerous phone calls. Tweets. Self-help attempts. Thrown remotes or phones. Frustration. This was our home the other day. Marc came in this week to fix an issue with our modem. Very nice guy, very thorough, and you could tell he really liked his job. Then we started talking about Chicago’s frigid

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Is real-time content becoming lazy?

There’s no mystery that brands have become wide-eyed at the opportunities that real-time content marketing can create. We saw it come to life on one of the biggest stages, the Super Bowl, showcasing the quickness of brands like Audi, Oreo, and Tide with their witty and relevant tweets during the blackout.

Social Customer Service: Program Improvements

I recently read a post over at Jay Baer’s blog that studied how big brands ranked in social customer service when put to the test. The results of the study/infographic, which was conducted by Software Advice, can be found at the end but there are areas of the study that stuck out for me.

One Year Later – Time Flies When You’re…

How’s that old saying go? Time flies when you’re having fun? That’s certainly true but I can think of some other qualifiers: You work with a smart/fun/great team You’re helping build social business in your org You’re passionate about what you do You’re continually evolving

Why CEOs Do NOT Need to Use Social Media

There’s been conversations, several articles, and research recently on how a small percentage of Fortune 500 CEOs are active in social. In those pieces, people seem to be attributing lack of CEO participation to reluctance in opening up to social media for their organization. Some are even suggesting that this low percentage means they don’t ‘get’ the importance of social as it pertains to customer service, engagement, and the like. There’s a huge disconnect in this thinking, and the blanket statement that

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Two Years and New Beginnings

It feels like just yesterday when I told my friends and family that I was moving to Chicago and starting a new journey here in the Windy City. Fast forward almost two years and I can honestly say that I’ve had experiences that I couldn’t have imagined. New Beginnings In January 2010, I joined a great team at DeVry University to help lead their social strategy. I’ve made amazing friends throughout these two years and planted a stake here in

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Communities – Quantity vs. Quality

‘Look who’s viewed your profile!’ ‘See who your top friends!’ Blah blah blah. Suffice it to say, most of us are tired of all of this spam and junk clicking going on over on Facebook. It’s not our fault right? We’re not the ones getting caught by spam tactics and spreading it across our entire network of colleagues, friends and family. But, just maybe, we are at fault here…

Unsung Heroes of Social

I had a really interesting conversation this morning with Marc Meyer and Mike Pascucci, which was sparked by this question from Marc: Is engagement in social media a prerequisite to writing a book on social media that’s to be taken seriously? That had me thinking and led me to the observation that the social web makes the answer largely based on our online writing (blog), all-around connectivity within the social community and for good or bad, popularity (call it influence,

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Human Barriers

We encounter roadblocks throughout our careers, some more challenging than others and each with a unique course to get us through. With the continually evolving social space lies an equally evolving wall that we have to be able and willing to tackle. Companies are evolving past the stage of ‘shiny toys’ and are taking their strategy a step further and stretching it across departmental functions outside of marketing and aligning it with their overall business goals – an approach that

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Summing up 2010

*clears off cobwebs* Yes, I deserve that glare from you. I have no excuses for being absent but figure this is as good a time as any to jump back in here as we wrap up 2010. It’s been an amazing year for me – personally and professionally. There have been changes in both aspects of my life that I probably couldn’t have written in a book if I had to and am thankful for all of it. With that,

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